Memo from Putin

Falling into wrong hands

September 2008. American economy is exploding. Banks are begging for billions of American money.

April 2009. Goldman Sachs of Wall Street is announcing it is making money! Can repay loans! Just kidding about bankruptcy!

How is possible?

Is secret of Wall Street which is called “high-speed trading.” New York Times is describing here, but in brief, is way to execute trade of financial instrument in tiny fraction of second using computer. By executing such trade, billions of dollars U.S. are made. (Is like scheme in famous movie of Russian hacker who is stealing fraction of ruble from many bank accounts.)

Ordinary investor is not having access to such trade. Such software codes are secrets, developed by talented programmers of Russia, for American firms such as Goldman Sachs.

Now America is striking back by arresting talented programmers of Russia who are writing such codes. Latest case is Sergey Aleynikov, who is being arrested for crime of leaving Goldman Sachs. (Example of American freedom?) Mr. Aleynikov is being prosecuted with claim of having such codes which could be used to “unfairly manipulate” price of stock.

I am certain firms of American Wall Street are never “unfairly manipulating” anything!

American prosecutor is claiming such codes to make billions must not fall into “wrong hands.” Whose hands are these, I am wondering? Russian hands? Hands which are creating such codes?

Time to wake up, Americans. Is not talented Russian programmers who should be put in jails.

I Make Joke

“Put in Jails” – is joke in English?