Honestly, Ballmer, what the frig are you people thinking?

I know you guys are relieved that Vista is almost officially dead. But throwing a party for Windows 7? Really? That’s like having a party to celebrate the fact that your hemorrhoid surgery was a success. I mean, yes, you’re glad the painful roid is gone. You look forward to being able to sit down without wincing. But you don’t necessarily invite all your friends over to talk about it.

Better yet, for some reason the Borg thought a Florence Henderson granny-mom type person would be the ideal spokesperson for Windows 7. Perhaps they are targeting an elderly demographic?

I’d also like to point out that it’s great to see the Borg back in form, making the world’s worst advertisements. They were kind of on a roll for a while there, with those laptop hunter ads. But this stuff? This is pure Microsoft marketing. It’s so bad that it’s almost good. The even more scary thing is I know Ballmer and his circle of sycophants are up there telling themselves that yes, this Win7 party idea is stupid, and yes, this video is awful, but hey, “at least people are talking about Windows 7, right?”

Yes. You are right.

Anyway, someone made a version of the lame-ass party video and beeped out some parts to make it even stupider than it was before. So enjoy. And if anyone finds video of actual Windows 7 parties, please, I’m begging you, send us links.