Google plays dirty, calls me a liar

The stomach-ache over Google Voice continues. First, we told the FCC that we didn’t reject Google Voice from the iTunes App store — we were just taking our time studying it. Now Google has published its response to the FCC, saying that we did, in fact, reject Google Voice, and that Phil Schiller personally delivered this news to Google. Naturally the scumbags at Gawker are having a blast with this, saying it’s yet another example of El Jobso getting caught in a lie. They even predict the new lie explanation we’ll use — we’ll just say that it’s a “miscommunication” between us and Google. Which, come to think of it, isn’t half bad. Also, FWIW, Phil Schiller says he will gladly throw himself under a bus for me. Well, not gladly. Not even willingly. But he’ll do it.