FWIW, Jesus didn’t always tell the truth, either

Remember when Pilate is like, So is it true you’re going around saying you’re God, and Jesus is like, I dunno, dude, if you say so, right? I mean you’re the one who said it. And then Pilate is like, So are you saying you’re the king of the Jews, and Jesus is like, Hey, again, you’re the one who said it. And that’s just like one scene. Remember the wedding at Cana? He turns the water into wine and his mother is like, Did you do that? And he’s like, Dude, come on, I have no idea what you’re talking about, and she’s like, Would you please stop calling me `dude,’ I’m your mother and you should have some respect, and he’s like Yeah, whatever. You go through the whole New Testament and you’ll find case after case where Jesus kind of holds back a little bit, or stops short, and maybe it’s not outright lying but it ain’t the truth, either. Same with the guys who wrote the gospels. How else can you explain the fact that they all contradict each other? Somebody was lying, right? Ditto for Buddha, by the way. The guy never told the truth. The fact is, some people are transcendent beings, and when they say something, maybe it sounds like a lie to you, but that’s only because you’re not living in their version of reality. All you can do, mere mortals, is accept what I tell you, and try your best to understand it, and realize that when something I say does not make sense to you, that this is your shortcoming. Just like you can’t understand God, so you cannot understand me. Oh, and by the way — Michael Arrington, if you don’t stop making a big deal out of this, I swear I will friggin smite thee. Okay? Peace be with you.