Freetard developer argues with Palm, and frankly I’m not sure which one to hate most

The good news is that Palm’s App Store is a mess, and it’s run by idiots, and the third-party freaks are giving Palm just as much grief as they’re giving us. Yay.

I have to tell you, as much as I love having billions of app downloads on our App Store and tens of thousands of apps available, dealing with these little dickwads is a huge headache and the 30% of revenues that we skim from them doesn’t begin to make up for the hassles they deliver. Luckily we’re big enough and nasty enough to handle these buffoons. That’s not the case for Palm, however. They need to be nice to these douchebags. Sadly, nobody has told them that — they think they’re a miniature version of Apple. So naturally they are running roughshod over their developers. Check out the “Kafka-esque nightmare” that this guy has endured in trying to get his free application distributed via Palm’s store. But see also if you don’t agree with me that after you read this guy’s complaint, he’s the one who comes out looking like the idiot. Frankly, we wouldn’t waste five minutes on him. But Palm has been going around and around with him for weeks.

Basically the guy’s got sand up in his pussy because the old PalmOS environment used to be a total free-for-all, but now Ruby (aka Mini Steve) is imposing some Apple-style command-and-control top-down discipline on these buffoons and amateurs. Oh, and they required him to have a PayPal account, and that’s a deal breaker for him because he’s afraid that if PayPal has his credit card number on file the government will be able to find him on the grid and they’ll start beaming messages into his house again and controlling his thoughts and he’ll have to move back down into the basement and line the walls with tinfoil again and never go outside. Or something.

Anyway, Ruby, congratulations. I’m really happy for you. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.