Did I lie to the New York Times? That depends on what your definition of "lie" is

Philip Elmer-DeWitt dares to ask: Did Jobso maybe fudge a bit when David Pogue of the New York Times asked him why Apple didn’t put a camera in the iPod Touch? Apparently nobody is buying my line about making the iPod Touch a game machine, and leaving out the camera to keep the price low. We thought it sounded plausible. But some random blogger doesn’t buy it, and says it’s a “tough sell,” because his super-duper sources tell him we were planning to put a camera into the iPod Touch but it wasn’t working right so at the last minute we scrapped it. Good grief. Now we’ll have all sorts of speculation about this. Will the madness never end? Can’t you frigtards just write down whatever I say, and accept it as the complete and total truth? Is that really so difficult?