Borg lapdog says you should choose Windows 7 over Snow Leopard

I’ve heard people say Win7 doesn’t suck as much as Vista. But to say it’s better than Snow Leopard? Really? Not just on par, but better?

Man oh man. I mean I know the Borg is on a full-out assault against Apple and whipping up “Truther-style mobs of angry people who long to live in the past under the Microsoft administration,” as our good friend Daniel Eran Dilger recently wrote. But I was still pretty stunned to see “journalist” Joe Wilcox throw aside every last shred of dignity and tell people, flat out, the incredible lie that Windows 7 is better than Snow Leopard. Not as good. Better. Money quote:

The Mac OS X user interface, once trendsetting, is now a tired motif overdue for overhaul. Worse, Apple hints at what the UI could and should be in a few places, with QuickTime being the most visible example. The QuickTime UI is refreshing and new — delightful. Something similar should skin much of Snow Leopard. Worse still, QuickTime’s more modern UI is jarring reminder when switching back to the Snow Leopard Finder about how old most of the rest of Mac OS X feels. By comparison, Windows 7 feels surprisingly fresh.

And this:

I find myself to be way more productive using Windows 7 than any Mac OS X version, and that’s surprising to me. For years, the greater productivity claim belonged to Mac OS X. Consistently, I get about 30 percent to 40 percent more work done using Windows 7 than either Leopard or Snow Leopard. … More importantly, I have loads more fun using Windows 7 than Mac OS X.

Joe Wilcox, have you no shame? Have you no sense of decency, sir?