Ask a birther

Your Mac-related questions answered by Dr. Orly Taitz, spokeswoman for the “birther” movement.

Dear Dr. Orly Taitz,
Is it really true that Apple is going to enter the netbook market with a “tablet” computer? Haven’t we experienced that form factor already, and won’t it be too expensive anyway? Why did we not hear anything about this in the return-of-Steve keynote? How much do we know about all this? –MacHead94705ca

Dear MacHead,
Thank you for this opportunity confront the questions around the iTablets. May I say first to being curious about what the code ‘94705ca’ means in your internet name, but okay, fine; maybe be just more interest with what you are really ask with this question? Sure, netbooks are dynamic market right now – but wait one minute, please, who is ‘we’ you speak about? Why do ‘you’ want know this? I would like start to asking what is it ‘you’ truly are wishing to know? So, please let me finish, always you are trying to shut me off, I know, but this time I will finish what I have been say. Let us ignore the agenda that you maybe hide, forget that one, I will present here for honest reader something I have find out from very substantial background research: there’s NO evidence that iTablets computer device have BEEN EVER DESIGNED not even BUILTS. Okay? Of course, yes, I know you say, this is Birther story on the iTablets, but I have all the documents (see my websites also for photo). Listen to me: many sources, verified and cross-checked, indicate there is NO evidence for any iTablets machine device coming out of Apple. (Who are sources? Of course these are many, and include scientists and laywers and dentists, also.)

So maybe now ask you, one thing or more than one. Okay? No, please let me finish. What I want you to share with me is ‘evidence’ you HAVE for iTablets story. Please. Thank you. If not reveal what is your story coming from, I must comment that this is the sort fishy tictacs, used to attack enemy, which spoil public debating and information in the America. Who is blame here? Someone who look very strange to real American and who spend many time on the television struggling to justify themself even with everyone against them and some news channel laughing upon them, even, this is who we talk about, who spoil the public debating and information qualities.

We are being controlled. Some one is pulling ball of strings, controlling. The real America is being taken away by foreigner who talk too much on TV. Maybe we just don’t KNOW it already. Van Jones, that one, is just one piece on chess board, black piece obviously. But where one falls many rise. (Is like speed chess or simultaneous chess tournament, which we have in Moldova for lawyer-dentist convention, every winter. Pieces fall, but more games to win before victory. Black piece never win. Okay?)

My partners in doing the movements tells me how many different people in the publics are part of the networks to hold the real American down. Post-man? ASK FOR THE ID FROM THIS ONE. Nursery nurse? Who are really? Please, your ID. Deli server? Stop, please, and show me the ID before making sandwich, thank you. Policeman? ASK FOR THE ID FROM THIS ONE (in Moldova policeman ID is written on edge of baton, hard to read). Hey, but wait one minute. We ask ID from all working in the publics, but for politician, also making things in publics? WHERE IS THE ID??? This is very hidden. Why are you worried to stop me from speaking so much? Please I will be finish just now. Thank you. So, okay, I ask you and the reader, who is string-puller in chief? Of course, this is Hussein Obama Huiluis Onyango so his tribal name goes.

Do you Mr 94705ca – please tell us your true name – REALLY believe it was Bill Clinton to North Korea for release ‘journalists’? Why did you or reader not observe limp and facial hair of silent journalist? Okay? So the story is hidden here. And here is the real truths with Steve Job also. Mr Alan Gore, is he not on the Apple’s Board? And he is main spider in the soup as we say in Moldova, pulling ball of strings to allow Bill Clinton go to North Korea. Where has Mr Job been hide? Not Tennessee! Why so thin? Not liver transplant! North Korea food! Very clear now. Many pieces in the chess game, but all fits together, like clockwork in glove, as you say.) Okay okay, so now is truth in air, and maybe you will try to hide this one, but I must leave because I have dentist patient sitting in chair. But, okay, for question about iTablets, is obvious, maybe not evidence, maybe some delay with Steve Job absent, but we know Apple make touchscreen device soon to kill netbook market. Okay? Maybe you are not scientist or lawyer-dentist, but is obvious. Thank you for good question, however. — Orly Taitz, DMD