Angry Black Man: The real reason why we finally put MMS in the iPhone

This angry black man put out a video last fall threatening my life, and I have to tell you, it kind of scared me. He even has a Web site called “I want to smack Steve Jobs in the face.” Eek. Note the part in the video (about 2:30) where he makes an outright threat to do my physical harm, and warns me that he knows people who know people who know me, and that one day, when I’m least expecting it, he’s going to put down his box of donuts and leap out from behind a tree like some kind of hippo ninja and do me bodily harm. Katie’s like, What’s he gonna do? Sweat on you? Gross.

Anyway, Moshe insisted we take it seriously. So we reported this idiot to the feds. And we got to work on MMS. Just a reminder: we’ll have MMS active on Sept. 25. So step the fuck off, angry black man. Bokay? Because I have some friggin moves of my own, and you do not want to see me use them on you. I mean that.

PS– I do like some of your other videos. Like this one about Sarah Palin. And the one about how you want to date Megan Fox. I promise we’ll start running your stuff in the sidebar.