About this supposed problem with Adobe Flash in Snow Leopard

So the hacks are all up in arms about some blogger’s claim that when you upgrade to Snow Leopard we downgrade your version of the Adobe Flash player. Now stories are popping up all over, like here on PC World and here on ZDnet and here on Gizmodo and here on eWeek and — well, you get the idea. We’re getting so many calls on this, and there’s so much bad information flying around that Katie (above) has taken the extraordinary step of taking time away from other more pressing duties to work up an official statement, which we are distributing here.

Goes like this: “Your information is incorrect. What you are saying is not true. You know not whereof you speak. No, we will not tell you which part of what you said is not true. Your statement is not true. Snow Leopard is the most advanced operating system on the planet, and we are very happy with the robust reception that it is getting in the marketplace.”

Got that? Please also keep in mind that no other company in the world would ever be this accommodating when it comes to dealing with baseless rumors and speculation. Now leave us alone so we can get back to work, and stop trying to ruin everyone’s sense of childlike wonder. Okay? The negativity is really upsetting. Thank you.