2 billion App Store downloads — why no one can catch us

We’ve done two billion app downloads in just over a year — a billion of them in the last quarter alone. Does anyone really think they can stop us? No way. Absolutely no way.

We just put out the news this morning. The App Store is the biggest phenomenon that has ever hit the tech industry, an achievement on par with the creation of the integrated circuit itself by Kirby and Royce back in the 1940s at Intel. Who will stop us now? Palm? Please. They won’t even say how many Pre units they’ve sold, and may or may not be having trouble getting Verizon to sell the Pre. Or what about RIM? Maybe you noticed that they blew their quarter recently. You think that wasn’t because of us? Come on. We’re blowing our numbers away. Everyone wants an iPhone. Nokia? Yawn. Motorola? Windows Mobile? Android? I can’t even work up the energy to yawn. Honestly, I don’t think people even realize yet what we’ve done here. Mobile is the only space that matters right now, we own it. Even if someone were to come along with a better piece of hardware, which they won’t, but even if they did, what would it matter? They can’t match our apps. We’re doing in mobile what Microsoft did in PCs. We’ve created a stable, proprietary platform, and we’ve thrown it open to third-party developers. We are the Windows of the mobile space. We can go in any direction we want. Any size, any form factor. Doesn’t matter. We control the OS layer. Unlike Microsoft and Google, we control the hardware, too. We also control which apps get to run in our world, and we run the store. Yeah, I like our position. I like it a lot. Much love, apps developers. Santa is going to be extra nice to you this Christmas.