Update from Putin

Clarification on “Good Advices”


Previous post of blog is causing concern among political advisors. Intent was not to threaten unilateral military action of Russian Federation against Palm Inc., subsidiaries or employees. Unlike some countries, Russia does not believe in military adventurism.

Is useful to learn lessons from past dealings with defectors, this is what I am saying. In Russia we are having idiom of “whip and cake.” Sometimes you are motivating peoples with cake, sometimes you are motivating peoples with whip. (I do not know of English idiom.) America is not motivating with whip. America is wanting nothing but cake. Cake all the time. Americans do not think of using whip in managing peoples. They are thinking “Sun Tzu” is tiny purebred dog. They are thinking “Machiavelli” is new drink on Starbucks menu. They are wanting always to be loved and never to be feared.

So Palm is taking employees from Apple because Palm is offering more cake? So Apple must get employees back by offering even more cake to spoiled childrens. Then Palm must take employees back by offering even greater amount of cake, and so on. Where does such madness end? It is arms race of “Mutual Assured Gratification.”

That is why companies such as Google are having offices which are giant playgrounds for spoiled childrens. “Oh no, chef is making my drink of hot milk with less than perfect foam! Oh no, I cannot put water slide inside personal jumbo jet! Now I am wanting cake with tiny sprinkles of color!”

Great companies such as Apple must dare to be loved and feared. Apple must not hesitate to crush enemies, to punish traitors.