So Chris Anderson calls

He’s like, Here’s why you need me on your board. You’re making one very big mistake, which is, you’re charging money for products. And that is just sooo 20th century. Okay? The model of the future is you should be giving this stuff away free. Macs, iPods, iPhones, software, hardware — everything. Do you have any idea how big the iPhone market would be if you gave them away at no cost? So here’s the thing. I want you to go pick up a copy of my incredible new book — it’s $26.99 on Amazon — and get yourself up to speed on the concept of free, which is the radical price of the disruptive future. You’ll need to read it a couple of times for the concepts to really sink in. They’re that upsetting and esoteric. And, frankly, it’s pretty wonky, intellectual stuff. So you might struggle with it. But press on! It’s worth it. When the bit flips, and you finally grok my theories, have your people set up a call with me. It’s $20,000 for a half-hour on the phone with me, $50,000 if you want me to talk to you in person. I’ll be sitting by the phone, in a black turtleneck, waiting. Oh, and did I mention I’m (sort of) British?