iPhone 3GS video: We have created a monster

Turns out the iPhone 3GS with video has unleashed a new scourge upon the world: frigtards uploading zigabytes of bad video to YouTube and other sites. We thought we were doing something good for the world by making it so easy to shoot, edit and upload video. We were wrong. To celebrate this horror, Iulia and Natasha have replaced iJustine (yay!) with a new feature we’re calling “Stupid iPhone Videos.” First one is off to the right — a lame-ass “interview” with a zaftig Midwestern lady sitting in a library. Who made this video? Who is this woman? What is the fucking point of this video, and why did you inflict it upon the rest of us?

Friends, we’re now on a mission. If you’ve seen any of these terrible iPhone videos, please send them in. Better yet, if you or someone you know is making really bad iPhone videos, send those too. Exposing these fuckwits and shaming them may be the only way to cure them. Sunshine is the best disinfectant, as Shakespeare once wrote.