Ruby on rails

By “rails” I mean that after our little wake-up call this week Ruby now finds himself on the express train right out of his deluded belief that he can just steal our stuff and get away with it. Poor Ruby. He really did think he was going to kill the iPhone with the Pre. He really, really did. So he goosed Palm’s numbers last quarter so that he could take over the company and look like the company was building momentum. But he overplayed his hand with the Pre. He raised expectations too high. But now the sales are dropping off and it’s starting to occur to everyone that the Pre is just not that hot a product. Like, hardware quality issues? In a launch phone? Not good. And now we’ve updated iTunes and, just like that, put an end to his stupid little ploy of making his phone piggyback on our software. In the linked story up above, a Palm flack tries to make it sound like we’re the bad guys, and suggests at the same time that it’s no big deal because Pre owners can just stick with an older version of iTunes. Yeah. Good luck with that. Of course there’s another idea. Maybe Palm could make its own music management software. Has that occurred to you guys? I know, that sounds like work. Well, boo hoo.

FWIW, you should have heard Ruby when he called Bertrand Serlet to complain about us breaking his device. Hilarious. Bertrand came to lunch doing this savage Ruby impersonation — nasal voice and all. Thing about Bertrand is, he’s really, really mean. Lot of people don’t know that.