News flash: Henry Blodget discovers Starbucks

Hot on the heels of his first-ever visit to an Apple store, Silicon Alley “Insider” Henry Blodget has made another startling discovery — Henry Blodget has set foot inside a Starbucks and now, we are told by informers at SAI, Henry Blodget is preparing a gushing 4,000-word blog post explaining how long Henry Blodget waited in line, and what Henry Blodget ordered, and whether Henry Blodget was pleased or displeased with the experience. The idea, according to Henry Blodget, is that many of his tech-savvy investor readers on Wall Street might also be considering visiting a Starbucks, and perhaps would like a rundown from Henry Blodget about what to expect. An excerpt:

Of course I’ve been aware of these shops, but I must confess: I’d never been inside one. Until now. It is, in a word, amazing. There are three sizes, but they are not “small,” “medium,” and “large,” as you might expect. Rather, they are “tall,” “grande,” and “venti.” There is no table service. You wait in a line, and order at a counter. My order-taker, Alena, asked me what I wanted, and I told her, and she rang it up. However — she did not make my coffee drink. Rather, she relayed my order to a different person, whose job it is to prepare coffee drinks. This person is called a barista, and I’m told they are highly trained. Alena’s title, apparently, is “cashista.” Very foreign sounding and I must admit: This really is like stepping into a different world.

Apparently Henry Blodget found the experience delightful:

My iced coffee drink was fresh and delicious, extremely cold, and served up quickly and professionally. Over the next few days I will make follow-up visits to other Starbucks locations and will share my experiences here on the blog. For now, though, consider me one very happy new customer!

Peace out, Henry Blodget. Keep the updates coming.