Dear Skip Gates: I am down with your struggle

Word up, Apple faithful. You maybe haven’t heard, but Harvard professor (and passionate Mac user) Henry Louis Gates IV was arrested by racist police in Cambridge, Mass., for no reason except that he was a black man in his own home. I am not making this up. The fascist cops supposedly have dropped the charges. Hey, give yourselves a big pat on the back for that one, pigs! Deal is, Skip came home with a friend and had trouble with his front door because the lock was broken. He forced the door open. A white neighbor called the cops to report that two black dudes had broken into a house. Cops arrived, asked for ID, Skip flipped out. Who can blame him? Here he is being led out of his own home in handcuffs:
Well, look. A lot of people don’t know this but I go way, way back with the movement. I once dated Angela Davis, albeit briefly. Back when she was with Jefferson Airplane, before they became Starship. And as you all know, we’ve used lots of photos of famous people of color in our advertisements, and we’re very, very proud of Apple’s own commitment to diversity. To express our solidarity, we’re sending Skip Gates a new MacBook Pro, fully loaded, with an apology on behalf of all decent white people everywhere. And we are recommitting ourselves to the effort to bring freedom-creating technologies like iPod and iPhone to every single person in the world. Music, especially rock music like that made by John Mayer, has the power to transform society. We believe that. Wireless communication and persistent access to the Internet can do the same. Armed with these technologies of revolution, we really can reach across the divide, and put aside our petty differences. We can change. We can! But it’s worth remembering that even today, with a black man in the White House, the struggle is far from over. Namaste, Henry Louis Gates.

(Rare photograph of Dear Leader in the S1W provided by Jason.)