First of all, much love to the many readers who tuned in to my long post about Chrome OS yesterday — I appreciate all the comments, from both sides of the debate. Some commenters were generous enough to point out a few serious factual errors in that item. I had Iulia and Natasha, our interns, check these out on Wikipedia and it turns out the commenters were correct. In the spirit of transparency that embodies everything good about the Internet, I’d like to take the opportunity to set the record straight.

First, as many pointed out, the line about “the Chicago way,” was delivered by Sean Connery, not by Robert DeNiro. Second, the creator of Linux is Linus Torvalds, not Linus Tordalv, and he is from Finland, not Denmark. The Linux project originated not in 1991 but in 1977, with Richard Stallman, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University who now runs the Ubuntu project from South Africa. FSJ regrets these errors. Mea maxima culpa, as Iulia and Natasha say in their Russian Orthodox church.

Also, much love and a sincere namaste to everyone who wrote in with corrections. After a long hiatus it’s great to see this crappy old blog up and rolling again, with the whole gang back together (Putin, h_aiku, faddah, ashram man) and also so many new readers who are already generously helping out. Dear n00bs, please know that we welcome your corrections. In fact they make our day. If you spot any more mistakes, please bring them to our attention. Peace out.