We’re cool, right? Steve? Are we cool?

Sure we’re cool, motherfucker. We’re cool as a piece of key lime pie. You just keep telling yourself that, and you won’t even feel it when the bullet hits the back of your ugly motherfucking head. Anyway, dear friends, here’s one for a caption contest. It’s Friday, after all. So fire up the Photoshop and send in your best efforts. We’ll post them on Monday and send a free fake Apple tablet computer to whoever makes the one that Iulia and Natasha like best. Meanwhile, just FYI, we got this photo from the guys at 9to5Mac, who are re-reporting here a story from the Guardian here in which they claim Eric is going rogue at some conference and saying he’s going to talk to us about his situation on our board. Money quote from Eric: “At this point there is no issue.” Well, on that he is correct. There is no issue. None at all. As I explained yesterday, Eric is already off the board. Whether he knows that or not is pretty much irrelevant.