Clarification: I only have half of Pogue’s liver

He wanted me to have the whole thing. But I was like, David, seriously, I only need half of it, and he was like, “Seriously, man, after all you’ve done for me — I mean have you seen my house? Have you seen where I live? Really, Steve, take the whole liver, I mean it.” I insisted I only needed half, and he was like, “So as long as they’ve got me opened up, why don’t you take a kidney while you’re in there?” I told him I don’t need a kidney, and he was like, “Just keep it as a backup. Have it frozen or something. Or how about a lobe from one of my lungs? Or a section of my large intestine. Just name it, you got it.” In the end I only took the liver section. The photo shows him arriving at my house to thank me for letting him be my organ donor. Frankly, I understand where he’s coming from. I’m not happy about needing a new liver, but I do feel great that I could let David even out his karma a little bit. Truth is, Pogue wasn’t kidding when he said he owes me. Hell, even we’re not even close to calling it even. Also, I have to tell you, the guy’s liver is friggig primo. Very, very low mileage. Much better than the stuff you get waiting on some list. Much love, David Pogue.