Thursday, December 31, 2009

You’re drunk? There’s an app for that

Best new App of the year and it’s only minutes old – R U Buzzed?

Download it now and save yourself and others.

Happy Fake New Year (ET)

Welcome to 2010, at least on the East Coast.  Look at all those folks going bananas in NYC. OK, moving on.  What can we look for?  The Nexus One drops next Tuesday. On the 26th, unless the entire blogosphere has it wrong, we’ll get the Apple tablet. Maybe a full-fledged Chrome OS this year, too.  Stay tuned in 2010 for all the news we can steal borrow republish aggregate from other sources.  Namaste.

NYC, have a ball

It’s all about the Big Apple tonight.  And where exactly does the New Year’s Eve ball go after it does its duty?  It gets stored in an underground vault. It’s fifty feet below the surface, and you can take a tour right here.  Don’t forget to tune in tonight to see for yourself, (exactly 1:29 from now ET.)  If you can stomach Kathy Griffin, click over to CNN. Current NYC weather is here.  This webcam is at Times Square outside TGI Fridays.

It’s 10pm now (ET)

File a police report

It seems that a Consumerist reader named Alisa had her iPhone taken on the subway.  Now the frigtard thief who took it wants to get it fixed.  Apple won’t turn the phone over to her, as you can tell from this story.  Moral of the story: File a police report.

Apple COO Tim Cook in line for GM CEO?

Silicon Alley Insider reports that Apple COO Tim Cook may be in line for the top spot at GM.  Key quote: “He’s also clearly in line for the (Apple) CEO slot when Steve Jobs decides to relinquish it.”  Relinquish?  Clearly ridiculous.  El Jobso is Dictator for Life. Hasn’t Nicholas Carlson read Options?

New Years Eve…there’s an app for that

Times Square countdown to 2010

Coverage scheduled to start right now, at 5:50pm ET.

Watch live streaming video from 2010 at

HNY 2010 Logos

Here’s a helpful link to all the HNY 2010 logos that have popped up so far. Once again, Ask’s page is absolutely cool. (Those are the famous “Painted Ladies” in San Francisco.)  Nice look from Bingster, too.  And if you’ll recall, when you click on the Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” button without entering a search term, you get a countdown number.  Here’s what will happen tonight at midnight.

Move it, people!

Look at these cattle folks.  This is the Tokyo subway.  (This video is from mid-2008, but CNN’s Rick Sanchez just ran it, so whatever.) Those guys in blue are “Professional pushers.”  When 1000 people shove their way on, these guys push another couple dozen people on. Like this could happen on the NY subway, or BART. Just how does the poor person in the middle get out when it’s their turn? Moo.