Yo — I’m going into space, bitch

So I was complaining to David Filo about Sergey treating me like a dope and David Filo said haven’t you heard? Sergey is going to blast himself into space. With any luck he won’t come back. The bad news is that he’s not doing this until 2011 at the earliest. On the other hand, between now and then he’ll probably be focused on the space shot and getting into shape and making all his plans. Between that and lifting weights and making his Lego buildings we’re betting he won’t have much time for Google. This anyway is what we’re all hoping.

Side note: Iulia and Natasha are insisting on restoring the punctuation and capitalization to the stuff I write. They say nobody can read my stuff the way I send it to them. Whatever. My feeling is that punctuation and capitalization are a complete waste of time. Who needs apostrophes? Why do they even exist? Or capital letters? The objective here is communication. I need to communicate something to you. The human brain is perfectly able to understand exactly what my sentence means even without punctuation and capitalization. And I can type faster and use fewer characters so in fact my method is the most efficient way to communicate. It’s elegant. It’s spare. It’s minimalist. Is it grammatical? Not at all. You know what? I reject grammar. Why? Because I’m a Chief Yahoo.

Anyway, if these interns want to ruin my flow, it’s their blog and they can do what they want with it.