Sour grapes from baldy

So Ballmer is just losing his marbles since we outfoxed him and made our cunning deal with Google. And it’s starting to show. Check out this crazy piece in the FT where Ballmer goes on his same old rant about how Google isn’t anything special. The Journal riffs on it here.

Money quote: “They have one product that makes all their money, and it hasn’t changed in five years.”

Unlike Microsoft, which has done such a great job over the same time period.

Second money quote: “We have only one way to go, and it’s up, baby, up, up, up, up, up!”

I swear to God this is exactly the way Monkey Boy talked when we were meeting with him. Sue and Roy and I would leave and ask each other, What drugs exactly is that guy on?

Even more hilarious is the top of the Q&A where the reporter asks Ballmer what it’s going to be like now that Gates is stepping down. Um, reporter person? Gates checked out at least three years ago. It’s also worth checking out the way Ballmer stumbles his way through a question about his stock being in the crapper for the past eight years. Actually the whole thing is a hoot and worth checking out.