Recommended recording

I know in the past I’ve confessed to listening to moron rock on 107.7 “The Bone.” I’ve also confessed to getting high with our music lab guys and listening to Robin Trower at incredibly dangerous volumes. Well a few days ago I was down in the music lab getting baked with one of the guys there, this dude named Travis, and I mentioned that day when I was down there listening to Trower and he was like, Dude, are you seriously into Trower? Because if you are then you friggin have to hear this. He got out this King Biscuit Flower Hour recording of a live show in Connecticut from the late 70s. Oh. My. God. It’s the best Trower I’ve ever heard. Seriously some crazy shit. And it took me back to those days when we’d hang out and listen to those King Biscuit concerts on the radio and just take for granted that this was what music was like. We never imagined that someday the whole music business would become so much less, well, special. Oh well. I’m feeling wistful.

Anyway I liked the album so much that I’m launching a new feature — Fake Steve’s Recommended Recording — and I put a button in the sidebar where you can order the album. Partly it’s to share the love and partly it’s just because I think it would be hilarious to take some random weird album that usually sells about one copy every six months and just spike the shit out of it on Amazon.

I don’t want to make this into an “Artist of the Week” feature because frankly I’m not sure how often I’ll get around to refreshing the button, and creating a weekly event sounds too much like creating a new job for myself. To be honest, like most things, I’ll probably just be scatterbrained and update the recommendation when the mood strikes. Friendly reminders would be much appreciated, though. So would album recommendations, so please send in ideas. I’m looking for extremely long tail kind of stuff, those weird albums you love to death and you wish more people had heard them. The weirder the better, so we can freak out the people at Amazon. Imagine the reaction if “Space Hymn” by Lothar and the Hand People were to take off all of a sudden. You get the idea. Share the love with the FSJ communitay, bokay? Pay it forward. Peace out.