An open letter to Joe Nocera

To: Joe Nocera

From: Jerry Yang

Re: Your open letter to me in the New York Times.

Dear Joe,

Just read your letter in which you accuse me of putting my own interests ahead of the interests of Yahoo shareholders. You believe that by failing to accept Microsoft’s takeover offer I have “shafted” my shareholders. I don’t know what to say to this except that (a) we’re all surprised to see you carrying Carl Icahn’s water on this one instead of someone at the Journal; and (b) part of being a real leader means having the courage to do the right thing even when that might not be the popular thing; and (c) blow me, you turd in a suit. Have you started a company? Have you ever done anything other than sit in New York write articles? Walk a mile in my moccasins, and then let’s talk.

Oh, and thanks by the way for creating an excuse for every other filthy hack to start piling on. For example, check out how this pipe-smoking British guy puts in the boot: “It’s Google that is sucking the blood out of Yahoo, and all Jerry Yang can say is: “Here, have another quart.'” Which is not true at all. I said pint. Not quart. Get your facts straight, Nigel.