The lawyers are driving me nuts

It’s 6 on a Friday and I’m still here and there are still more meetings planned. Lawyers. Goddamn them. We’ve got so many shareholder suits going that I’ve lost count. And Ballmer keeps calling and leaving these creepy messages in my voice mail, where he puts on this raspy voice and goes, “Jeeeeerrrrry …. are you still there? Are you? Jeeeeeerrrrrry….”

And now that dirtbag Henry Blodget is piling on, suggesting here that Sue Decker is taking over the company and that if we don’t toss out a bunch of people right away, yours truly included, then “Yahoo will disintegrate.”

Well, at least I haven’t been barred for life from the securities industry. But I’ll give you this, Big Red. A lesser man would have been chastened by that experience and gone off to some remote place and done missionary work and tried to earn back his good name by doing some kind of penance. Not you. Nope. You’re right back in the ring, scolding CEOs and telling people how they should be running their companies. Dick.