Holy crap, we forgot to announce the new MacBooks!

So amid all the hype and hoopla and chest-bumping yesterday we kind of, um, overlooked something. The new MacBooks. There are three of them. We had them at Moscone, ready to go. And I just spaced it. My bad. I didn’t even realize it until I went to bed last night and just as I was falling asleep I was dreaming back over the day’s events and remembering how awesome I was and then I was like, Wait! What the fuck! I forgot the friggin MacBooks!

I called Katie and woke her up and she was like, Yeah, um, well, we didn’t want to say anything to you because we figured you left them out for a reason, like maybe you weren’t satisfied with them or something, and you know how it is, we’re all terrified of you and we don’t dare say anything to you because we’re afraid you’ll fire us. So we just kept our mouths shut.

I was like, Katie, please, you know I’m not that kind of leader. I’m the kind who wants to hear the unvarnished truth. I don’t want yes-persons. I want the crazy ones. The rebels. The ones who disagree with me and argue with me and stand up to me.

She’s like, Really?

I’m like, No, not really. But anyway. What are we going to do about these MacBooks? You guys fucked it up, so you guys figure it out. Okay? I want an answer by noon. More as this develops.