Great news for Zuckerberg

His old pals at Harvard, those Winklevoss kids who’ve been suing him and claiming he stole their code to make Facebook, now have hired Boies, Schiller to represent them. That’s right. David Boies. The same legal wizard who blew the antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft; blew it for Al Gore during the 2000 election; defended Enron’s Andrew Fastow, who is now in prison; represented SCO Group in its failed lawsuit against IBM; and held Napster’s hand while the RIAA sued it into oblivion. Yup. This is one sharp legal mind.

I was just talking to Eric Schmidt who told me he just got off the phone with Sheryl Sandberg who told him they’re all breathing a big sigh of relief at Facebook because for a while there they were actually starting to worry but now it appears they’re going to get away with it. “Hey, don’t be evil,” Eric told her, and then they both burst out laughing. Ha! As if.