For the love of all things holy, will you filthy bloggers please stop doing this?

“Apple is to geeks what breasts are to men.” That is the headline on this appalling article which belabors the analogy about breasts and Apple products and adds that “the press and bloggers have been `pussy-whipped’ by Apple PR’s team” and features the image (above) of boobs on an iPhone.

I’ve blogged about this a lot in the past but I am not going to give up the crusade. Friends, it is wrong to objectify women in order to sell products or drive traffic to your Web site. So please stop doing it. I know most of you agree with me on this, and I know you also agree that the only way to stop these outrages is to keep calling attention to them, every time they happen. I know it’s awful to look at it. It makes you sick. As it should. It does that to me too. But we must be strong. Thanks to dear reader Dianna for playing watchdog on this one.