Deadline? You must be joking.

I rolled in early today, in my new Prius. I sped down 101 from the city to campus to see the power in this princess. She handled the stop and go traffic pretty well. But I’m kinda already over this 2009 model. The aesthetics are a little boring.Check this: I had to come in early because I have a deadline. Whooooooa. Pravda stop printing! Who the hell gave me a deadline? I was so pissed when I found out about this (it was 6 months ago) that I had to have an emergency session with the Shiatsu masseuse. We helicoptered him in from Berkeley for an intense deep-tissue refreshment before I stopped breathing hard.My feeling about deadlines is this. Just tell me when you need to have something by, and then 2 weeks later, tell me when you really really need it by and we’ll aim for a few days after that. Is OK?Whatever – deadlines don’t matter here anyway. The product will languish in beta for a few years no matter what I do.Fuck. Now I’m all worked out about this. I’m going to do some pushups before my afternoon French lesson to make sure that I focus my full attention on the authentic Gallic nasal “eu.” As in, “pardonne-moi? Oo the fook made me a deadline? Eu?!”Peas out.