Another day, another dollar. Plus, free juice.

Man, what a crap day and I’ve only been in for half an hour. When did the douche bags in the organic juice bar decide to stop squeezing fresh pomegrante juice during “lunchtime?” It’s only 11:30. And what the hell is “lunchtime” anyway? What an arbitrary way to make the day into many pieces.

Whatevers. I’m just grabbing a hand of fresh-roasted Brazil nuts and a flax seed square now and just power up at lunch after my massive bicep-rippling workout. But I’m to pwn that café’s wiki if I don’t get my fresh pomegranate juice when I leave for the day at 3. Things around here aren’t what they used to be, this is the truth.

Gotta go. Dawnee pinged me that she had an opening for a 1 PM massage – I have to hit that up before my 2:30 Wii showdown with the “engineers” in Checkout.

Stay fresh, beetches.