To the ramparts!

Napster, the song-stealing cabal, now says it is “compatible” with iTunes. This is not the kind of thing we will take lying down. Katie has marshaled the forces of good and our message is sounding forth already. Noted quote boy Rob Enderle (photo) dutifully dissected the deal in this AP story.

It’s right from the script: Enderquote can’t “picture many iPod and iTunes users shifting to Napster, since iTunes software is so integrated with Apple music players. The exception may be someone looking for a track that Apple doesn’t offer,” he says.

Nicely done, Rob, except for that last part which was a little off-message. Katie will be calling you with the language for your clarification.

Napster CEO Chris Gorog nonetheless tries to take a victory lap. “It is really the beginning of a level playing field,” he says. Yeah, right. Hey, Chris Gorog (if that is your real name) we’ll see about that. You may note that your Napster predecessor is now hawking cheap, round German cars. Who knows what awaits you?