Monkey Boy and the egg

My physicist friend Ingyar tells me that the Monkey Boy and Egg Incident is more than a random event. It is a great demonstration of string theory.

Ingyar (something of an egghead himself if you get my meaning) maintains that in this worldview, all parts of the universe are made up of eensy strings, each of which resonates with its fellow strings at the most fundamental level. “Ballmer looks like an egg. Ergo, at some point the egg and Ballmer will find each other in a deeply resonant way.” As they apparently almost did in Hungary. Only a podium kept this natural occurrence from flowing to its fated shell-on-noggin conclusion.

If you look at it that way, the ovum-tossing terrorist is really helping Ballmer find his inner egg.

Ingyar, I honor the place where your 11 dimensions and the crack of eggshell on cranium unite.

And for those who whined that posting about this event breached good manners, two words: Bite me.