Smoking hot Sarah Lacy has a smoking hot book ranked #1 on Amazon

See here. Sarah’s book about Web 2.0 is ranked #1 among “company profile” books and #289 among all books on Amazon. Pretty incredible, though Katie informs me that the Amazon numbers can be misleading, in that a relatively small number of orders — like less than 50 — can give a book a big pop if they all come in at once. Anyway, I’m delighted to see Sarah having such great success. Much love, Sarah Lacy. And don’t pay any attention to the haters, like this assmonkey who says: “i have read pre-release sections of this book. this is a promotional vehicle for a cadre of mostly unimportant serial self-promoters (including the author), and a few “somebodies” who you can already learn too much about somewhere else. if you need a reason to hate the small group of wannabe-celebrities who form the “web2″ echo chamber, then this book has a purpose.”

You know what I never understand? It’s people who turn into big haters on someone’s book. Books are hard work. Most people don’t make a lot of money on them. All books are flawed. A few are great; the vast majority are average; a few truly suck. I have no idea which category Sarah’s book falls into and I don’t really care. I’m not going to read it. Ever. But it’s a big deal in Sarah’s life. So why not be happy for her?

FWIW, I’m not being paid to say this stuff. But I do have a massive crush on Sarah Lacy — the photo above is the screensaver on my iPhone — and I’m hoping to get her into the Jobs Pod and hypnotize her. Now that Bike Helmet Girl has moved to Washington, D.C., and Veronica Belmont has assured me, repeatedly, that she will not leave Ryan Block and is immune to hypnosis, well, Sarah Lacy has now moved into the #1 spot on the Jobso Dream Team. Look into my hypnotic eyes, Sarah Lacy. Listen to the sexy sounds of the Barry White music I’m playing in the background. Feel yourself growing sleepy. That’s it. Give in to your feelings–

Oh shit. Katie just walked in. Gotta go. Peace out.