Scoble seeking to be acquired by Microsoft

In the wake of the Microhoo fiasco and amid reports that Monkey Boy is now hungry to buy something else, like Facebook, our spies in Redmond say former Borg ego-blogger Robert Scoble has reached out to Ballmer directly in a bid to sell his “personal brand” to Microsoft. Sources say Scoble is seeking a 10x multiple on his advertising revenues which analysts estimate at approximately zero dollars. Analysts say that price “somewhat overshoots” the value of the Scoble brand but people close to Scoble say that he’s learned from Jerry Yang’s mistake and would be willing to negotiate downward in order to make a deal happen. Sources say Scoble would perhaps pay Microsoft as much as $500,000 up front in order to get them to acquire his brand and re-attach him to the Borg. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch estimates a fair value on the deal would involve Scoble putting up a larger amount, perhaps $1 million, with a back-end revenue share arrangement. More as this develops.