Now XP updates are blowing up machines too.

See here. The Vista pollution apparently is spreading backward to XP. Some users of AMD-based machines are installing an XP update and their machines go into “an endless reboot cycle.” You know what? The Borg must die. Honestly. Their time has come and gone. They are no longer able to control their own software. Their business model — a general purpose OS distributed on OEM hardware — is no longer tenable. Stop the madness. Buy a Mac.

FWIW, if you do believe that we’re headed toward a cloud computing future, can you imagine the cloud that Microsoft will run? What will they call it? TardVille? Who in their right mind will choose to get on that cloud? I suppose the poor dopes who currently use AOL on dial-up will end up being shuffled over onto that platform through some Borg-AOL “partnership” or merger.

You know what? I despise those people. Nevertheless I also weep for them.