Notes from the front line

I’ve been working the phones all day for Barry and to be honest I’m wiped out and really, really depressed. One thing you find out when you spend 15 hours working a phone bank calling random people is how many scary fucked-up crackers and idiots there are in America. Especially when you call places like North Carolina and Indiana. It’s not just that they’re racist — though many of them are. It’s that they’re so fucking stupid. I mean just really low levels of comprehension.

I guess I never realized this. But 80% of the people I talked to today I’m sure do not read a newspaper on a regular basis. Furthermore, many of them could not read a newspaper and comprehend the meaning of the stories. I don’t mean that they’re illiterate. They could probably read most of the words, as long as they didn’t have more than three syllables. What I mean is they could not really understand what the stories mean. Also, I doubt most of them could focus long enough to finish an entire newspaper article.

And yet they vote. This terrifies me.

No wonder these poor idiots are so easily tricked and pandered to. I love Barry’s talk about a new politics and bringing people together and not playing the old games of race-baiting and divisiveness and easy campaign gimmicks and sound bites, but you know what? My sense after a day on the phones is that the crappy stuff is exactly what the crackers want. In fact the crackers love that shit. They get off on it. It’s about as sophisticated as they’re able to handle. The more a campaign resembles professional wrestling, the better. Because that’s the level they’re operating on.

So we get arugula and guns and crazy preachers and veiled racist slurs and insults about who’s got more balls and bigger balls. Groan.

To be really brutally honest, a lot of these morons can’t even understand what Barry is saying. To be even more brutally honest, the truth is they don’t deserve him. They really don’t. The last time I talked to Barry, which was about a week ago, I said, Dude, why do you even do this? Sitting through these stupid interviews, answering the same frigtarded questions over and over again? It’s humiliating. He didn’t have much of an answer. He’s exhausted and overwhelmed and frankly I think this campaign has done a lot to disillusion him.

As for me, I suppose I shouldn’t be so shocked. I mean 95% of the world uses Windows. Over the years I’ve come to accept this. I tell myself that if someone is so stupid that they can’t tell the difference, then I don’t want them using my machine anyway.

I guess this makes me elitist. Fine. I’m going to go have some arugula.