New poll: Who will replace Monkey Boy?

Check it out. As we pointed out yesterday, investors have lost faith in Monkey Boy. Not only because of the Vista fiasco and the Microhoo fiasco, but also because of this. Naturally this raises the question of who will replace Ballmer when the board finally pushes him out. Choices are Mundie, Ozzie, Gates, Shirley (if you have to look him up, you’re not old enough to be playing), and Scoble. Have at it, friends. We’ll send the results to the Borg as a way of showing our support.

FWIW, our next poll will be this:

How will the Borg directors get rid of Ballmer? (a) Take him up in plane, toss him out over the ocean, claim it was an accident?; (b) Firing squad; (c) Death by Vista; or (d) Tie him to chair, force him to watch Scoble videos.