New poll: Should Microsoft acquire Facebook?

Most people don’t know this but Kara Swisher of AllThingsD is a devoted FOFSJ and just an all-around great gal. (Full disclosure: We dated in the 1980s.) Well just this morning, at 4:03 a.m. Pacific time, Kara roused herself from her slumber and posted a brilliant memo to Mark Zuckerberg telling him, in effect, that if the Borg makes a decent offer for Facebook — say anything over $10 billion — then boy wonder should probably take it or risk getting his smooth, sweet, pre-pubescent candy ass sued into oblivion by his pissed-off shareholders.

FWIW, our theory is that this is why Sheryl “The Terminator” SandBorg was brought in from Google to run Facebook in the first place. She was hand-picked by the investors (they’re her pals) and they want a cash-out and they realize Zuck can’t or won’t do it. Hell, he can’t even bear to be around when his friends get fired. But the ducks are quacking, Zuck. It’s time.

Which prompted us to launch a new poll. Should Microsoft acquire Facebook? Possible answers are: (a) yes; (b) no; (c) Who gives a shit?; and (d) Scoble.

Poll is in a box to the right but feel free to argue and debate the merits of the case here in the comment strings. And if anyone wants to make a new version of the Microhoo dog-fucking photo with Faceberg’s picture in place of Jerry Yang’s, please do so. Or make us any other disgusting artwork that captures the essence of a BorgBook deal. We’ll put it up right away and send you a low number for the 3G iPhone waiting line.

FWIW, when I try to imagine what Zuckerberg is doing on his month-long Vision Quest, the following clip keeps coming to mind: