My lawyers are freaking out

Just got a nervous call from my lawyers who said they wanted to give me a “heads up” about a “situation” at Broadcom. See more about it here. Basically the feds are going after some Broadcom execs over some options backdating stuff. I’m like, So what? I don’t work at Broadcom. They’re like, Um, well, see, Broadcom did its own internal investigation and already cleared these guys, and the SEC isn’t buying it apparently, and though the company itself has already settled the whole thing the SEC is still going after the executives as individuals. Now you do you see? Is this ringing any bells?

I’m like, No, not at all. I don’t hear any bells. I’m sorry.

They go, Steve, your former CFO at Pixar is getting hassled over options backdating. And your former general counsel at Apple is going to trial too. Still not setting off any alarms over there?

I’m like, Nope. No alarms. Just working on my super tasty new iPhone, but thanks for the call. Now I gotta go, my signal is breaking up, I’m going into a tunnel, I think I’m losing you, can you hear me? Can you? I can’t hear you. Losing you. Okay. I’ll call you back. Bye.

FWIW, if you’d like to get the best account of what went on at Apple during the options backdating crisis and how we managed the crisis, I highly recommend this book.