I am Iron Man

Or so says some guy at Slate. His take is that Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is a capitalist hero in the El Jobso mold. Money quote: “Tony Stark is a self-made man who believes that we can build ourselves out of trouble. He’s one of America’s romanticized lone inventors who, like Steve Jobs, solve problems by locking themselves away in secret workshops to emerge later with their paradigm-shifting inventions.”

Okay, time for a confession. I’ve been watching that Iron Man trailer in HD on a huge screen. A lot. And when nobody’s around I stomp around the room going, “I … am … Iron … Man” in that Ozzy Osbourne robot voice while using a prototype of the Gen 5 iPhone (shown above, to be delivered in 2012). Katie says I’m nuts but you know what? I really don’t care. You know why? Because I … am …

Okay. Sorry. I’ll stop now.