Hillary drawing new voters into the Democratic party

Well it makes me sick to report this but apparently Hillary’s new outreach to white supremacists and her new campaign slogan — “Wake up, white people!” — is paying off bigtime. She’s drawing record crowds at her rallies in West Virginia and Kentucky, with loads of hard-working, energetic, uneducated young voters like the kids in the photo above, who showed up at a Hilldebeast event in Teabag, Ky. to pay homage to their leader. Also check out these fine citizens at a Clinton rally in Charleston, W. Va., and this church group in Erlanger, Ky. Earlier today campaign advisor James Carville led a parade in Wheeling, W. Va.

Says campaign strategist Paul Begala: “We’re seeing record numbers of lower-IQ people crossing over from the Republican party to vote for Senator Clinton. Now, maybe the elites and eggheads and academics would rather not rub shoulders with these these ordinary, hard-working folks. Well, this is the world we’re living in. These are the folks we need to reach if we’re going to defeat John McCain in November. Like it or not, Hillary is the one whose message is bringing them in.”