Goatberg’s on a break

El Jobso fan boy Nick Wingfield is sitting in for Goatberg for a few weeks while the latter learns new ways to jam more me’s-myself’s-and-I’s into his columns.

We were all set for Son of Goatberg, but here’s the interesting thing: In just over 800 words, Wingfield does not include one self-reference. Thankfully the article is replete with mentions of my genius. Which makes it semi worthwhile. But really, this is news?

While the Goatberg drought is a pause that refreshes, Wingfield gets massive demerits for failing to focus solely on the 3g iPhone as he has been instructed. Instead, he speculates on all the cool other stuff we’re cooking up. As all filthy hacks should know by now, the interwebs are abuzz about our new device. It’s the natural order of things.

So, Nick, girlfriend: How do you explain this lapse? Katie will be in touch. And, she’s ticked.