Full Zunar eclipse

Zune continues its spectactular ride to the top. Oh wait, the chart’s upside down.

One data point in The Borg’s awe-inspiring media player flameout: GameSpot’s dumped the device.

Our friends up north at the CBC report why, citing NPD and The Borg’s own numbers. Apparently, Microsoft admits that two million Zunes have shipped since the launch in 2006. That would be, let’s see, a four percent share of the market, says NPD.

Gee, I wonder how the iPod stacks up? Wait! Here it is: “Apple in its most recent quarter sold 10.6 million iPods. Wait for it … that’s “more than five times Microsoft’s cumulative total for a year and a half.”

Thanks for doing the math boys.

Much love and harmonious thoughts to commentard bobdmac for the CBC link (which has since evaporated) and this one.