Frigtarded record labels keep trying to kill us. It won’t work.

Now they’re teaming up with MySpace. It won’t work. They must know it. They’re throwing everything they can at us, and we just keep steaming ahead. We’re now the full-blown undisputed #1 king of music retailing. And these morons at the record labels are crapping in their Italian suits. Phil Schiller calls what they’re doing the “Gulliver strategy.” They know none of these ridiculous deals is an iTune killer. But they figure if they just make enough of these little deals with everyone in sight then maybe they can slow us down a little bit or trip us up.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These dopes are getting what they deserved. They saw digital music coming years ago. Just like we did. But they couldn’t figure out how to do it, and/or they couldn’t be bothered to invest in building out an infrastructure to sell music online. They couldn’t write the software and build the store and figure out the pricing model. Because you know what? It’s hard. And it seemed like a real big risk, a big investment that might not pay off. So they balked. And we did it for them. We wrote the code. We built the store. We built the players. We did the hard work. We took the big risk that they didn’t want to take. Now we’re reaping the reward. And these shitheads are running around with their hair on fire now that they realize they’ve lost control of their industry.

Now, desperate and cornered, they want to kneecap us by making deals with anybody who’s not Apple. Today it’s MySpace. Tomorrow it will be someone else. All I can say is, play on, you bastards. Keep fiddling while your business burns. Keep making deals with idiots. We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing, and we’ll be here waiting when you come crawling back on your knees to us. Meanwhile, peace out and namaste. I honor the place where your back catalog and my net income become one.