We haven’t broken ground on our new campus yet. Fortune thinks this is news.

See here. They did a whole story on how we haven’t even applied for permits for our new campus even though I spoke to the Cupertino city council about it two whole years ago. (We have been kinda busy these past two years. Little thing called the iPhone. And another little thing called Leopard. Maybe you’ve heard of them?)

Anyway, my question to Fortune is simply this: Why is this news? Why is Fortune running this story? Guess it’s a slow week for business hacks, but still. Come on.

Then a bunch of us just sat down for our daily half hour of collaborative silent contemplation and then when we were done I said, Hey, we should think of other things that have not happened and send them to Fortune as a list of story ideas.

Anyone want to help out? We’ll forward to Jon Fortt so he can make his page count next week.