Unbreakable Linux?

That’s Larry’s slogan but maybe you’ve heard of the huge security breach at this supermarket chain called Hannaford. Millions of customer records compromised. Guess which OS they switched to a few years ago, garnering huge amounts of praise from the freetard hackery?

For example, see this article, called “Grocer rings up savings with Linux cash registers,” which features a photo of the company’s brave pioneering CIO, Bill Homa (right). Wanna guess how long this risk-taking tech exec will have his job? Or see this triumphant press release from IBM announcing that Hannaford had just installed a gorgeous new IBM mainframe running Linux as part of a “multi-year IT transformation” at the company. Money quote: “Now all Hannaford’s partner and supplier data, inventory controls, and payment and order processing run simultaneously on 23 separate and secure [shurely shome mishtake, ed.] partitions on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and z/OS on the single System z9.”

But wait. I thought Linux had magical powers and couldn’t be hacked. I asked Larry about it. His response? “No comment.”

Strangely, there’s also been no mention of the Hannaford situation from freetard hack Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of Linux-Watch. I mean, one of the biggest and best-known early adopters of Linux suffers a massive security breach, and it’s not worth a mention? Funny that.