Sleuthing out the v2 iPhone release

Seeking Alpha thinks they’ve got us. Low iPhone inventory at Apple stores in the United States. Huge discounts from the European carriers who are currently holding most of the inventory — and the discount programs run until June. Hmmm. What could be happening in June, I wonder? Meanwhile 3G chips have improved and consume less power while offering greater feature integration including full backward compatibility with EDGE so even if the frigtards at AT&T can’t get their shit together on their 3G tower build-out, you’ll still be doing fine. Okay, Seeking Alpha. You got us. Guilty as charged. And wait till you see this new iPhone. It’s mind-blowing. Seriously. I didn’t think a device could ever be more beautiful than our original iPhone – and then Jonny and his boys did it. Wow. Every time I use my v2 iPhone I feel this thrill going up my leg, like when Chris Matthews listens to Obama giving a speech. Yeah. It’s like that. Obama-esque. Truly.