Sarah Lacy’s shameless attempt to get mentioned on

What in the name of sweet holy Buddha is this woman wearing? I mean seriously. The shiny blue headband. The weird shirt with the colored circles. The yellow skirt. She’s either rushing straight from her show to an audition for the next Brady Bunch reunion movie, or she’s trying to get on GoFugYourself (which by the way today has a photo of Lindsay Lohan looking rather, well, floppy. Go see for yourself.)

Anyway, my goodness. I mean I love Sarah Lacy. I adore her. But what won’t this woman do for attention? Plus she does a great job of talking all over her guests in this clip. My fave part is when Sarah starts holding forth about the things that happened to entrepreneurs in the late 90s. Check out the astonished expressions on the two middle-aged VCs who sit there having Sarah explain stuff to them. Priceless.