Freetards turn on Negroponte

Well it’s a full-blown civil war raging among the OLPC team. Check out this stunning article where one of the freetards goes to town on Negroponte and says he and others will now follow Walter Bender, the other leader of OLPC, who has left in a huff after battling with Negroponte. How hilarious is this? The project isn’t even modestly successful — in fact it’s been a dismal failure — but in true freetard fashion, it’s already forking. Now we’ll have two ridiculously understaffed pointless projects and they’ll be competing with each other instead of working together. Great work, shitheads! Have any of you seen Life of Brian? Remember the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean Popular People’s Front?


So why are the freetards turning on Saint Nicholas? Double-N’s big sin, in their eyes, is not that he made a shitty computer that doesn’t work and nobody wants; it’s that he’s now decided to run Windows on it. God knows I hate Windows as much as anyone (and more than most) but does this not kind of lay bare a really unpleasant truth about the OLPC project — namely that it was never about education or poverty or helping kids and was, rather, all about a bunch of amateur techies trying to prove that they could make a better computer than Microsoft and Intel?

Guess what, freetard morons. You couldn’t. You didn’t. What’s worse is that even now, when the Third World “customers” you thought you were “helping” are telling you, explicitly, that they want Windows, you’re still in denial. You’d rather kill yourselves than design and deliver the product that these developing countries actually want.

Meanwhile your pals at Asus and Intel will charge ahead with their cheapo machines that actually work, while you dickheads sit in Cambridge examining your butts with your thumbs. It’s like Beastmaster once said to me: It’s not that we’re so smart; we’ve just been really lucky in our choice of enemies.

UPDATE: Now Richard Stallman is weighing in on the OLPC-Windows controversy.